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Traumatic Brain Injury Lawyer San Bernardino, Personal Injury Attorney

Choose Stephen H. Verchick to be you expert personal injury attorney specializing in traumatic brain injury cases for legal representation in severe brain injury cases. The Verchick Law Firm has been serving San Bernardino and surrounding communities for over 35 years.

For victims of a traumatic brain injury, the ramifications will change your life forever. More than with most other injuries, those who have suffered that trauma will experience shock, pain, lifelong limitations and tremendous emotional stress. If you have suffered a traumatic brain injury, or someone you love has been killed by a traumatic brain injury, you deserve to be compensated.

The problems experienced by survivors of traumatic brain injuries are widespread and may not manifest themselves immediately. Those who make strong recoveries will often experience sharp personality changes after the trauma. Prior to an accident, a person may be vibrant and enthusiastic, but afterwards, he or she may become easily frustrated and bored with activities that used to be enjoyable. You deserve to be compensated for the loss of your old self when you survive a traumatic brain injury.

In addition to changes in personality, people who survive traumatic brain injuries frequently experience memory problems. If they are lucky, the victim’s memory loss will be limited to a period of amnesia or he or she will regain memory once they have fully recovered. Unfortunately, many traumatic brain injury victims face great challenges in learning new information.

The difficulty in holding onto new knowledge is widespread and brings terrible ramifications. Some of the difficulties can be managed. A survivor who gets lost in his or her own home can label and color code doors and hand arrows to indicate the direction. If needed, a personal aid can be hired to stay with the survivor.

Beyond new challenges at home, the survivor may also find it hard to gain employment. Even for someone who did not suffer a traumatic brain injury, a new job brings a lot of stress in learning new tasks and bits of information. For someone who has experienced a traumatic brain injury,
job training may be impossible. Keeping distractions to a minimum can help, and there are cognitive solutions such as repetition that can be beneficial, but in the end the emotional impact
of memory loss, coupled with the cost of hiring a caretaker and the inability to secure income is a tremendous legal damage. Survivors are entitled to compensation so that they can reclaim their lives.

The full extent of a traumatic brain injury may not be immediate. The opinions of multiple medical experts must be obtained. At the Verchick Law Firm, we are sensitive to the suffering that survivors and their loved ones face. We explore every option in our clients’ brain injury cases, and we work with board certified physicians to properly diagnose the damage and prove the nature of the trauma. Many personal injury lawyers take a quick settlement and shortchange their clients of what they really deserve.

If you have survived a traumatic brain injury, do not take a chance on a lawyer who you are not sure will work as hard as you deserve. Contact the Verchick Law Firm today at 818-705-8900  to schedule your free consultation.

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