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Woodland Hills Slip and Fall Lawyer, Riverside Premises Liability Attorney

The Verchick Law Firm offers legal representation for victims of slip and fall accidents and premises liability claims. Founding Attorney Stephen H. Verchick has been serving Riverside, Los Angeles and the surrounding Southern California communities as a premises liability attorney for over 35 years.

Attorney Verchick has won millions of dollars in damages for clients over the decades. If you have been injured on someone else’s property, whether the accident occurred in a public place, at a friend’s house or in a government building, you should not shoulder the burden of your injuries alone. You deserve to be compensated.

The most common type of accident for which our clients seek lawyer’s advice is a slip and fall (also called trip and fall) accident. In these cases, the victim has slipped on spilled liquids or tripped over an obstruction. Many victims of slip and fall injuries break their wrist or hand when they extend their arms in an attempt to regain balance or brace against a fall. For a simple fracture, the emergency care and treatment can be cripplingly expensive. A fracture in the hand commonly requires plastic surgery in order for the victim to regain full function.

Senior Citizens are especially likely to fracture a hip when they slip and fall. A hip fracture brings unique complications and in some cases can even be life threatening. In almost all cases, hip surgery or replacement is needed for one of these fractures, which is then followed by months of physical therapy.

If you have broken your hip, arm, wrist or hand as a result of a fall on someone else’s property, you should not have to pay the cost. An experienced personal injury lawyer can win the compensation you are owed.

In cases where the victim of a fall experiences a spinal cord injury, his or her life can be permanently devastated. He or she may be partially or fully paralyzed for life. Paralyzing
injuries, as well as slipped discs and fractured tailbones, can mean surgeries, physical therapy and in the case of paralysis, years of occupational therapy to regain basic function. The tremendous cost of medical bills, lost wages and emotional duress are a significant loss. If you have injured your spinal cord in a slip and fall injury, you need a lawyer on your side right away to make sure that you not only receive the treatment you need, but also to ensure that you do not shoulder the financial burden alone and that you receive just compensation for your injuries.

At the Verchick Law Firm, our motto is to be aggressive against the insurance companies and compassionate towards you. Our clients include victims who have been injured as a result of dangerous premises, poorly maintained sidewalks, unsafe streets, roof cave-ins, inadequate security, falling tree limbs and dog bites.

We know that in these cases, the insurance company will be quick to offer a settlement, but the amount they offer will be far less than the amount you can obtain in litigation. If you accept the offer, you may not be able to win just compensation for the full extent of you injuries.

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