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Defective Product Attorney San Bernardino, Product Liability Lawyer Riverside

The product liability attorneys at The Verchick Law Firm have been helping clients in San Bernardino, and Riverside area gets the compensation deserved when injured by defective products for over 35 years.

Even though federal safety statutes exist to regulate product manufacturing, consumers are injured or killed by hazardous products that the manufacturer could have foreseen would cause injury, or outright knew were unsafe. If a manufacturer failed to warn you about a hazard or if reasonable steps were not taken to prevent an injury you suffered while using the product as it was intended, not only can the manufacturer be found liable, but you could also collect damages from the assembler, supplier, testing lab, advertising agency, distributor, retailer and repair shop.

It is common for the parties who are responsible for damages caused by a defective product to engage in a cover-up in order to save themselves. They will also alter and steal evidence, fail to disclose evidence and commit other unlawful acts to avoid paying any damages the injuries you have suffered, for which they are responsible.

The attorneys at the Verchick Law Firm have the knowledge and experience, as well as the necessary financial resources and access to a nationwide network of experts for your case. Together we work to determine what went wrong with a wide range of defective products and who is responsible for the defect. Our method of handling product liability cases includes securing and warehousing the defective product for examination by one of our experts. Recollecting the product is one way that wrongdoers steal and alter evidence.

Our attorneys also review and analyze the evidence against existing laws and regulations. We also research consumer advocacy groups about the product’s history and use, previous problems that have been reported and the safety requirements and standards and finally the history of litigation surrounding cases with the product in question.

There are three basic types of product liability cases. The first is that of a defectively manufactured product. In these cases, the individual product is flawed because of some error in its fabrication. These cases include swing sets with cracked chains and tainted food products. Every other one on the shelf was fine, but the one you bought caused an injury.

The second type of case involves defectively designed products. In these cases, the product’s design is dangerous or defective, and as a result, it presents a risk of injury to anyone who uses them. These cases commonly include electrical products that because of their design start fires and pharmaceuticals with severe adverse side effects.

Finally, there are cases where the liability is caused by a failure to provide adequate warnings or instructions. This type of liability arises when the consumer is not properly instructed or provided with adequately warned, such as household chemicals that could combust or injure a person if not handled and stored properly.

If you have been injured as a result of a defective product, contact the Verchick Law Firm today to schedule your free consultation at 855-734-4100.

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