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Riverside & San Bernardino Personal Injury Lawyer

Being injured in an accident can result in a tremendous amount of suffering; physically, mentally, emotionally, financially. You cannot change the fact that you have experienced hardship in the past, but you can limit the amount of hardship you experience in the wake of an accident by hiring an experienced ATTORNEY. If you have been involved in an AUTO, TRUCK or BICYCLE ACCIDENT in SAN BERNARDINO or RIVERSIDE COUNTY, then you need a PERSONAL INJURY ATTORNEY on your team immediately. The Verchick Law Firm is managed by an attorney with more than 35 years of specialized service in PERSONAL INJURY LAW, having recovered millions of dollars for thousands of clients, and is the only person you should trust to handle your important SERIOUS INJURY, MEDICAL MALPRACTICE and WRONGFUL DEATH legal matters.

Stephen “Steve” Verchick is not only a lifetime member of the Million Dollar Advocates, an elite group of plaintiff lawyers that includes less than 1% of U.S. attorneys , he was formerly a claims supervisor in the insurance industry and a Superior Court personal injury claims mediator. This invaluable expert combination sends a strong message to the insurance companies that you intend to aggressively resolve your legal issues immediately and recover maximum compensation.

Even if you are insured, insurance companies can be difficult to deal with or outright deceptive. Insurance companies are not in the business of paying out claims; they are in the business of collecting deductibles and premiums. They cannot profit when they pay you the money you are owed and the minute you require their services , they become defiant. At The Verchick Law Firm, no one gets paid until you are awarded what you deserve. When your attorney's interests are aligned with yours, it means positive results.

Law suits can be expensive and protracted events. They take time and cost money.

The Verchick Law Firm will advance the costs of your litigation until your legal issues are resolved. Because we work on a contingency basis, we will not receive a single penny until you are awarded a settlement or judgment. Do not trust anyone who operates differently.

The Verchick Law Firm is well connected in your community and has the ability to get you back on your feet, your car/property repaired quickly and recovered from your injury by referral , if required, to top medical experts who can wait until your case is resolved to be paid.

Hesitating to resolve your legal issues may have long-term consequences on your ability to resolve your legal matters in the future. A consultation is free, and your difficult questions can be answered by an experienced attorney (not a secretary) by making a simple phone call NOW.